Faculty and Staff

Administrative Assistant

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Mrs. Doreen LaRocque  Email



Building and Grounds

bob clarkin

Mr. Robert Clarkin



Reading Resource and School Counselor

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Mrs. Sarah Powers  Email
R.I. Certified Elementary Teacher

M.Ed. Counseling, Providence College




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Ms. Cathy Baker  Email

B.A., University of Rhode Island

Elementary and Early Childhood Education


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Ms. Melanie Davidson  Email

B.A., Bay Path College

Early Childhood Education




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Mrs. Tracy Medeiros  Email

B.S., University of Rhode Island

Human Development, Counseling and Family Studies,

Concentration in Early Childhood Education


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Mrs. Cindi LaCroix  Email




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Mrs. Donna GagnonEmail

B.A., University of Rhode Island, Psychology

Early Childhood Certification

Level II RI Early Learning Standards Certification


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Mrs. Vivian LaRoche  Email

B.S., Rhode Island College

R.I. Teaching Cert. Elementary Ed. and Special Ed.



Grade 1

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Ms. Leslie Palombo  Email
B.S., University of Rhode Island, Child Development  

M.A., Elementary Education


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Ms. Ellen Rupert  Email
Registered Nurse and Teacher’s Assistant



Grade 2


Mrs. Colleen Quattromani  Email
B.A., Salve Regina University, Elementary Education

Certified in Elementary Education



Grade 3

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Ms. Jennifer Liddle Email

B.A., Rhode Island College

Certified in Elementary Education



Grade 4

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Mrs. Nancy Dunlap  Email
B.S., University of Rhode Island, Human Development and Family Relations

Masters of Science, Dominion University, Elementary Education



Grade 5

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Mrs. Stacey Wildenhain  Email
B.A., University of Rhode Island

Certified in Early Education and Elementary Education



Grade 6 Homeroom







Grade 7 Homeroom

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Ms. Naomi Viera  Email
B.S., Speech Education

M.A., Bob Jones University



Grade 8 Homeroom

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Ms. Mary Morse Email

B.A., Rhode Island College, Mathematics/Education

Certified Elementary, Middle Level Endorsement, Secondary Mathematics


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Mr. Stephen Andolfo  Email

B.A., Rhode Island College

Major in History and Minor in English

Lifetime Certification Middle School/High School




Mrs. Norma Malachowski Email
B.A., Framingham State College

M.A.T., Rhode Island College, Elementary Education




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Mrs. Lorraine Gagnon  Email

B.A., Villanova University



Physical Education

bob petrarca


Mr. Robert Petrarca  Email




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Mrs. Laura Gomez Palumbo  Email



Technology K-4 / Art Rosebuds-8

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Mrs. Karen Henchy  Email



Technology Middle School / Robotics

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Mrs. Julie Nathanson  Email

B.A., Hartwick College

Intel Master Teacher