Alumni Donation

You may have received a letter from the Diocese of Providence explaining a new online giving program that has been set up for Catholic schools.  Many people have inquired how they can donate to a specific school, be it their own alma mater or a school that is special to them.  The Diocese has set up a webpage for this specific purpose.  You now will be able to donate money that will go directly to the school that you would like to send a donation to.  There is also a special category for Legacy Schools, or school that have since closed.  The money collected for legacy schools will be donated in that school’s honor and will be shared with other schools throughout the diocese.  Another feature of this program is the ability to make a donation in someone’s name.  You may also want to check with the Human Resource Department at your place of employment about matching programs. Some companies are willing to match a donation that you make to charities.  This would double your gift!  The link to this new online giving program can be reached by clicking  HERE.  Please note, checks should be made payable to CAP (Catholic Alumni Partnership).