Message to Alumni


Dear Alumni,


On behalf of St. Rose of Lima School, I welcome you to the Alumni page of our website. As we celebrate our Golden anniversary, what better time than now to connect with our alumni and welcome you back to our wonderful school community?


When I started here, I immediately noticed the tight knit family we have here at St. Rose of Lima School. Our principal, Mrs. Izzi and I would like to use this website as a means to keep in touch with the many faces that have passed through our halls. Time may have passed, but the education and friendships made at our school are timeless. We hope in the next year or so, to build upon the foundation that was laid at St. Rose School and create a great network of alumni to not only help support our school, but also to create a community that will bring many old friends back together.


We invite you to participate in our school functions that we will be hosting throughout the year. Come and take a look at our school at the Open Houses and join us for our monthly school Masses. This is a great opportunity for you to show your support and at the same time relive memories that may have been long forgotten.


Thank you again for being part of the St. Rose of Lima family and welcome home.




Father Matthew Glover