St. Rose of Lima School Library

Our school library is an important asset to our students.  Children in Rosebuds through Grade 8 have a formal library instruction class to assist them in the development of research skills; knowledge of information technology; and understanding of the wide variety and genres of both fiction and non-fiction books.  Students are instructed in the Dewey Decimal system; online card catalog systems; how to choose an appropriate book; and proper book care. Additionally, the librarian reads to the younger children in an endeavor to increase each student’s love of reading a diverse selection of books.

Guided by the librarian in association with the classroom teacher, students independently choose books and are responsible for the care and timely return of all materials.  Our library books are coded to comply with our school wide leveled reading program allowing students to choose an appropriate book for their reading level.

We also have Accelerated Reading (AR) time each day from 8:05-8:25 for all students grades 1-8.  Accelerated Reader makes it easy for students to practice fiction and nonfiction reading at their personal reading levels to build knowledge, vocabulary, and fluency.  Reading is a skill and it requires not just instruction but practice.  AR enables powerful practice by providing data to monitor and personalize reading activities.  At St. Rose, AR is part of our comprehensive reading program.  AR supports and enhances our teacher’s instruction, textbooks, and other instructional materials.