Principal’s Message


Dear St. Rose of Lima Families,
I am delighted to be a part of the St. Rose of Lima community. As our school celebrates nearly 50 years of Catholic education, I am pleased to inform you that we continue to thrive by constantly educating ourselves as a faculty and staying current with the highest academic learning standards. My goal as principal is to continue to build upon this exceptional school by working together, as a unified team, and to keep moving forward so that our students can experience the best possible catholic education. One of the many quality aspects of St. Rose is that it is small and allows ample opportunity for faculty to share ideas; and it permits students, teachers, families, and staff to collaborate together as well.
Our community shares a common bond; and that is our belief in catholic education and the impact it makes in helping children develop academically, socially, and most important of all, spiritually as children of God. As administrators, faculty and parents, it is our goal to provide students with an excellent academic curriculum so that they are challenged and well-prepared for the future; but it is also our expectation that the environment be spiritual.
See the Face of Christ in Everyone You Meet is the standard by which the faculty and families of our school strive to live; and one of the best ways that we can help our pupils develop spiritually is by demonstrating our own commitment to the church. If our faith in Jesus Christ is strong, it will unequivocally radiate among our students.
I want to thank the diocesan leaders for their support; but I also want to thank parents, grandparents and guardians alike for the sacrifices that you make to ensure that your loved ones have an opportunity to attend and blossom at St. Rose. Your investment in their education is one of the greatest and most rewarding gifts that you can give them; and your dedication to catholic education is uplifting and greatly appreciated. Please know that my door is always open to you.
As an educator that has spent her entire pedagogical career in catholic education, I am truly privileged to be a leader among a close-knit community that is committed to teaching young people the living faith as exemplified by our Lord, Jesus Christ.
God Bless You All in Your Vocation!
Mrs. Kim D. Izzi