Admissions Process

Several of our grades are approaching capacity. Arrange a tour today!

For grades 1-8, the following are required when applying to attend St. Rose of Lima School:

– a shadow day (also suggested for Pre-K and Kindergarten)*

– a teacher recommendation

– a copy of the most recent report card

– a copy of the most recent standardized test results

– a copy of any type of educational plan

*Pre-K and Rosebud shadows are only required when students apply mid year, but not when applying for September.

Rosebud shadows are at 10:30am to 11:30am. Pre-K shadows can be scheduled anytime before 11:30am. 

Kindergarten applicants for September do not require a shadow. A tour for students entering K-8 can be scheduled anytime.

Please email Mrs. Kim D. Izzi, Principal or Mrs. Doreen LaRocque, Administrative Assistant, with

general questions or Mrs. Sarah Powers for questions regarding special education plans.